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Coming later this month for all PARAMERICAN RADIO subscribers, get ready for the TERROR NORMAL special podcast episode, which I cannot wait to fill you all in on everything that you DON’T know surrounding my first ever paranormal documentary about The Waverly Hills Sanatorium, starting with the fact that it almost never saw the light of day!
From the investigation itself (which to this day it ranks as one of the best hunts I’ve ever been on), to the politics surrounding the use of the location, to the politics surrounding the paranormal community to the network television politics that we found ourselves in the midst of, trust me when I tell you that the TERROR NORMAL film itself was barely the “cliff’s notes” as to what actually occurred with this project.


So… Chad has been working as an executive producer of an upcoming show in which this little lady is featured, and after a long day of production in the Los Angeles area, we finally got her over to the Water Garden building and into the Paramerican Radio studios!   Aside from her striking beauty, Leeanna is actually very down to earth and was a total sweetheart of a lady to interview.  Really looking forward to this videocast available at and podcast available on itunes, google play, stitcher, sound cloud, tunein radio and more (sign up on the ‘subscribe’ page of this site)!

For more info on Leeanna, check out her website at or her facebook  at

website bio

LeeAnna Vamp is the “Ghoul Of Your Dreams” and “Your Best Nightmare”. Vamp is a creator and producer of her own projects like the frightfully fun show for all ages called BEST FIENDS FOREVER, as well as STAR WARS GIRLS and others. She is a high fashion model that mixes it up with a very bold unique look and style and is pursuing her acting career.

She’s a total nerd at heart growing up loving all the classics from tv, games, toys, fashion and a big fan of the 80’s and it’s movies. She loves Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror genres in TV/ Movies and can be seen at many of the cons, amongst those she calls “Her people, at her home away from home.”

As she puts it, “I am a fan and will be a Nerd Forever!”

LeeAnna Vamp is the Halloween Goddess of our time and it’s fitting since it’s her favorite holiday, wishes to live in the Haunted Mansion and that everyday is Halloween. She has a dark side, but can light up any place with her enchanting charisma.


I truly can’t stand that word, as it’s dismissively pessimistic. It assumes mediocrity without considering a billion possibilities that could lead to something truly spectacular.

We’ve all experienced this, right?

After announcing that we plan on achieving greatness, rather than giving us a much needed nudge of faith at the onset of a difficult journey, with canned slogans and catch phrases designed to soften the predicted blow of failure, society all too often assumes that “greatness” is… well… for somebody else.

And we’ve all felt that sting. Nobody is exempt. Every human being alive has left the parlor of pessimistic expectation with not a “Mona Lisa”… but a fucking scar, inked by the hand of negativity.

This, my friends, is “injustice” in it’s purest and simplest form.

Simply put… it sucks.

It’s the reason most people never even try to accomplish their dreams.

So how do you defeat this injustice?

You simply overcome the negativity by BUILDING AN ARMY of believers, and then you ACCOMPLISH the “thing” that is said to be “impossible”.

As a professional storyteller, part of my job requires me to be a historian, which is to say that I love reading about great leaders and social or political movements.

With that being the case, I can tell you that all great social, political or environmental movements had three things in common.

• A PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED GOAL made by a “team” of individuals who rely on each others strengths of assets in pursuit of that goal.

• A relentless, unwavering SHARED BELIEF by the core “team” in only one outcome… success.

• Word of mouth SUPPORT from the general public, who accepts the call for support and adopts the core “team” goal is their shared goal.

With that being the case, as you all know, we just launched our PARAMERICAN RADIO podcast.

To be clear, our goal is as follows:


Having said that, now that I’ve publicly proclaimed our professional goals for PARAMERICAN RADIO, I’m CERTAIN that many will claim we are “crazy” if we think we can become the #1 podcast on iTunes, or that we’re “crazy” if we think we can reach 1 MILLION VIEWS PER MONTH of the video version of PARAMERICAN RADIO!

I can already hear the naysayers claiming that it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to achieve these goals.

If you are one of those people, and you think we cannot reach our goals… we (and our supporters) welcome the challenge of proving you wrong.

Nothing else will suffice for us. These are our overall goals for PARAMERICAN RADIO, as we truly believe in everything the show stands for.

Whether that sounds “lofty” or not, to be clear, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make these goals a reality.

But we also realize that WE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT!

But before I ask for your support and tell you what you can SPECIFICALLY do to help us reach our goals, please read more about PARAMERICAN RADIO below.

If you follow me on social media, you know that PARAMERICAN RADIO is not a “project” that we are working. It’s a brand new FOUNDATION for everything that we do!

• It’s a way for us to connect with our supporters (you) twice a week, as we never have before, as we’ll be answering questions from all of you on each podcast of PARAMERICAN RADIO.

• It’s a way for us to share our personal lives with you on an entirely new level, as PARAMERICAN RADIO is unscripted and uncensored.

• It’s a way for us to inform our listeners about the things going on in the world that fascinate us, as each PARAMERICAN RADIO podcast includes discussion and debate about the latest news on the bizarre, the mysterious and the unexplained, as reported by credible news agencies throughout the world!

• It’s a way for us to introduce you to exciting, interesting and fascinating guests, whether it be Hollywood producers, actors, models, athletes, musicians, military personnel, cold-case cops, criminal defense attorneys, paranormal investigators and much more, as we also invite our guests to share their thoughts on the mysterious news reported around the world, in which you, the audience, wouldn’t otherwise ever get the chance to hear our guests speak about such unique content!

• We FINALLY have a 100 PERCENT FREE product to offer the public, which we’ve wanted to offer a podcast for an extremely long time. So why didn’t we offer a podcast until now? To be honest, I hated the mediums that were available, as most podcasts that I saw or listened to either looked our sounded like shit, in which I wanted to do something with a MUCH higher production value, in which with the support of our partner and Executive Producer Thomas Lee Bottom, this goal finally became a reality.

But above ALL OF THIS, what I truly love about PARAMERICAN RADIO, is that it’s REAL. There’s nothing scripted. Nothing is censored. If just an honest approach to “life” at an extraordinary time.

Justin, Steve and myself represent three unique individuals, at different times in our life, in which we’re extremely passionate about our views, as well as simply having fun, as life is too short to be too serious all the fucking time.

And to be clear, we absolutely want to be the voices that wake you up in the morning and start your day out right… with a laugh, just before we discuss the magic of the world that we live in!

I can promise you that we’re doing this for the right reasons.

We love it. We’re excited about it. And we’re excited about YOU joining us on this voyage, in which together, we CAN and WILL accomplish our collective goals!

With all the being said… WE NEED YOUR HELP!

If you wish to answer our call for help, HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP US!


• To subscribe on Youtube visit WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/AGHCHAD and click the “SUBSCRIBE” BUTTON and make sure you also TURN ON YOUR NOTIFICATIONS to receive notices when new podcasts are uploaded!

• To subscribe on iTunes, CLICK HERE:…/…/paramerican-radio/id1198286515…

After you do that…

2.) TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT PARAMERICAN RADIO! In order to reach our goals, we simply need the chance to be heard. You are the way that we’ll receive that chance, as your opinion rightly matters to your friends and loved ones! And remember… the show is ABSOLUTELY FREE and will REMAIN FREE for eternity! So there’s literally nothing to lose by asking people to check us out!

3.) COMMENT ON iTUNES AND YOUTUBE! Both of iTunes and YOUTUBE will give PARAMERICAN RADIO more opportunities to be seen and heard on their formats if they see that you (the viewer) are actually “engaging” (as they call it), in which from what I understand, this is MASSIVELY important! So MAKE SURE YOU COMMENT everywhere that comments are allowed on both iTunes and YOUTUBE!

4.) RE-POST THE YOUTUBE VERSION OF PARAMERICAN RADIO AS MANY PLACES AS YOU WISH! Again, PARAMERICAN RADIO is absolutely free, so the more places that you RE-POST our podcasts, the better! You have our FULL PERMISSION to re-post as much as you possibly can!

With that being said, THANK YOU ALL for your incredible support!

PARAMERICAN RADIO is officially launched, in which our pursuit of becoming the #1 podcast on iTunes, while logging 1 million views per month on YOUTUBE is officially underway!

We don’t know how long it will take us all (YOU and US) to get there… but we are certain that WITH YOUR SUPPORT, we will find a way to reach this goal!

Much love and all the best!

– Chad Calek

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