Season 1,
92:15 MIN.


February 09, 2017

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As a part of the Founding Fathers of Paramerican Radio, and so our audience can better know who your hosts are, we delve into Chad Calek’s life and history through the questions of Paramerican Radio co-host, Justin Holstein.

Find out about the early years, the inception of American Ghost Hunter, how Calek met Holstein, the crazy college and band years as well as how Chad became a filmmaker and paranormal star.  All of this followed by the bizarre & mysterious and current news with Steve Tinder Zilberman as well as the return of Mel Gibson, the craziness of Soldier Boy and Chris Brown, Shia Labeouf’s anti-trump movement and movie reviews.

Chad Calek talking about his driving force towards facing the unknown…

“The unknown is scary.  It’s scary.  It stops most people from attempting to live their dreams.   It stops most people from traveling and seeing the world…and I get it, its the same thing that makes the world scarier when you turn out the lights .” -Chad Calek

Show Notes
  • 0:00

    Intro / In-Studio launch thanks and credit / Steve Tinder Zilberman’s trip to Median /

  • 14:00

    Founding Fathers episode…Who is Chad Calek – an interview of Chad and who he is as a person, how he became a filmmaker and paranormal celebrity.

  • 22:00

    The College Years of Chad Calek

  • 27:50

    Chad explains the start of he and Justin’s entertainment industry collaboration

  • 40:30

    Wrap up of Chad’s history

  • 41:50

    Commercial Break

  • 43:40

    The Bizzare and Mysterious with Steve ‘Tinder’ Zilberman – Antartica and Admiral Byrd

  • 55:40

    Commercial Break

  • 58:48

    Recent events – Soldier Boy/Chris Brown battle

  • 64:30

    Shia Lebouf ‘He will not divide us’ public media demonstration and arrest

  • 71:00

    Mel Gibson’s back… “Hack Saw Ridge”, “American Honey” and other movie reviews

  • 82:00

    Fan Questions and Wrap up


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