Season 1,


February 01, 2017

Recorded on location in Coogee Beach, Australia, outside of Sydney, Paramerican Radio Episode 1 launches with special guest Craig Powell of Chad Calek’s “Sir Noface”.

Paramerican Radio co-hosts Chad Calek and Justin Holstein, director and producer of Sir Noface, have a candid talk with the film’s star, Craig Powell, about the premiere and what it was like coming back home and seeing the film screen to the people of Sydney, the inception of how Sir Noface was created, what it was like making the film and what went on behind the scenes and all the crazy things that transpired on Cockatoo Island during the nearly 2 year investigation.

Chad, Justin and Craig also talk about fame and how Sir Noface affected Craig and how fame in general can oddly affect you as a person in ways you would never guess, threats from strange people coming to Craig’s house making threats, individuals trying to sabotage events and more.  Craig also talks about the WSPR team and why they investigate and are so passionate about the paranormal.

Chad talks about the plans of future film screenings in Australia of “Sir Noface” and future tours being setup in the USA.

In recent and bizarre news, the group talks about the newly elected president Drumpf and the various odd moves being made by the Drumpf administration, his narcissistic ways as well as how Australian’s view Drumpf as the President of the United States.

Then the group dives into the recent news of Connor McGregor getting his boxing certification to fight Floyd Mayweather and what McGregor’s chances are of beating a previously undefeated boxing champion as well as what’s going down with the UFC in general.

In the movie reviews, Chad talks about “Sons of Perdition”, a 2010 documentary film featuring a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of teenagers exiled from their families and community by Warren Jeffs, self-proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church).

Finally the group talks about what’s on the horizon for both Chad and Justin with and Paramerican Radio  as well is what’s in store for Craig Powell and the West Sydney Paranormal Research team

“For me, this didn’t feel real….the government is asking me to go check out this island to see if it’s haunted.”-Craig Powell

Show Notes
  • 1:35

    Discussion with Craig Powell on Sir Noface Australian premiere and the making of

  • 50:02

    Commercial Break

  • 52:04

    Current event discussion Drumpf headlines

  • 61:44

    McGregor getting boxing licenses and Floyd Mayweather

  • 72:50

    Commercial Break

  • 75:10

    Recent Movie review

  • 84:30

    Wrap up and how to stay in touch

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  1. Deborah Wellner says:

    Hello, just ran across this pod cast and I am glad you all survived your late August experience in Oklahoma! The weather is now low humidity and mid-60’s temps. Come back and see us again. I enjoyed your program and will look for your recommended documentaries. Warren Jeffs always made the hair raise up on the back of my neck. Creepy dude! I look forward to more episodes of Paeamerican Radio! Deborah Wellner

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