Season 1,


June 12, 2018

On the 30th episode of PARAMERICAN RADIO, on behalf of Executive Producer Thomas Lee Bottom as well, Host Chad Calek and Co-Host Justin Holstein welcome long time friend, seasoned paranormal investigator and A BLOOD RED SKY Executive Producer Susan Mick to the podcast as the brand new PARAMERICAN RADIO Segment Producer! Finally… we have a female point of view on the show! With that being said, during the first half of Episode #30, Chad wastes no time digging into Susan’s past by asking her several questions about her former bad ass career choice, as Susan previously served as a Maximum Security Prison Corrections Officer in the state of Colorado for five years! After discussing prison “politics,” the injustice of drug-related sentences, the creation of “shit bombs,” the dangers of a being targeted by inmates, the consistent issues that prisons have with guards and inmates having sex, and much more, including Susans reasons for being interested in the paranormal field, as well as how she first met Chad. In the second half of Episode #30, Susan takes Chad and Justin down the rabbit hole to discuss the latest is the world of the weird, such as Canada’s “Cannibal Cocktail” drink, which includes a human toe in the cocktail, the bizarre details behind Romania’s “Living Dead Man”, the shocking true story of the Colorado “Craig’s List Executioner”, Louis C.K. versus Harvey Weinstein, the often unspoken truths about the “Me Too” movement, one of the most violent responses you’ve ever seen to a heckler at a live comedy show, the highly irrational fear of death, Chad’s unhealthy obsession with police “tasing” videos and how a girl chugging down a big ole’ jug of Donkey Semen caused one of your all-time favorite television shows to be cancelled! Enjoy all of this AND MUCH MORE on the 30th episode of PARAMERICAN RADIO!

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