Season 1,
96:20 MINS


February 12, 2017

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On this podcast of PARAMERICAN RADIO, for all new listeners who may have just discovered PARAMERICAN RADIO, as promised in podcast #003, Chad Calek turns the tables on best friend and co-host Justin Holstein by interviewing him about his colorful past in an effort to introduce the true character of Mr. Holstein to the PARAMERICAN RADIO audience. What ensures is the most hilarious PARAMERICAN RADIO podcasts to date, just before the Calek, Holstein and wingman Steve “Tinder” Zilberman discuss the CIA’s recent release of its UFO and Psychokinetic test files, as well as “fake news”, the media agenda conspiracy and the growing worldwide belief that the first stage of DISCLOSURE is currently in effect. All of this, plus movie reviews of The Arrival and Gringo, The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, as well as candid answer to three hilarious fan questions!

Videocast coming soon!


Justin Holstein answering Chad’s question ‘is he an elite’ist’…

“I don’t think it’s so much a matter of being elite, I think it a lot of people were more elite back in the day.  I think a lot of people have become drained of intelligence and need to be more aspiring to learn and be intelligent.” – Justin Holstein

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