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February 16, 2017

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On this Wednesday’s podcast, professional model, actress reality television star LeeAnna Vamp joins PARAMERICAN RADIO Host Chad Calek, Co-Host Justin Holstein and Segment Producer Steve “Tinder” Zilberman to discuss her passion for ghost hunting, her love of the paranormal and how she turned a childhood fascination with “all things spooky” into a successful business that has her regularly jet-setting around the globe to appear as an “in-demand” presenter, speaker and model at countless domestic and international horror festivals, Comic-Cons and “cosplay” fanfare events.

LeeAnna also discusses how she got her start in the entertainment business, how she was able to build her current social media fan base to over 1.5 million followers (and counting) without mainstream success, what it was like to have Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, marry LeeAnna and her husband/business partner, Cameron, and what she’s learned about the paranormal by working with Calek on the forthcoming “Ghosted” paranormal reality television series from Eli Roth’s Crypt TV, in which Calek is the Executive Producer.

In addition, as promised on his social media, Calek also delivers a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT in podcast #005 that will put an end to months of online speculation as to whether or not Calek will be making an “on-screen” return to reality television for the first time since 2012, in which Calek was the Co-Star and Director of A&E’s hit reality series PARANORMAL STATE, while also serving as the Director, Writer, Executive Producer and Star of the hit A&E “spin-off” special, titled THE GHOST PROPHECIES.

And as always, Calek, Holstein and “Tinder” Zilberman invite LeeAnna down the rabbit hole, as “Tinder” serves up for discussion the most bizarre events that have been recently reported throughout the world, including an official recent report of an english-speaking naval officer who mysteriously woke up in a Motel 6, only to discover that he was now Swedish, the mind-bending “space exposure” DNA test results conducted on Astronaut Scott Kelly and his twin brother, a brand new App that literally allows you to communicate with the dead and much more!

And last, but not least, Calek weighs in with his review of the Netflix Original Series “BLACK MIRROR” just before closing out podcast #005 with several awesome fan questions! Straight up, if you enjoy PARAMERICAN RADIO, you DO NOT want to miss PARAMERICAN RADIO Podcast #005 with LeeAnna Vamp! Subscribe. Hit “play”. Enjoy 🙂


Leeanna Vamp talking about the interesting circumstances in which she and her husband got married…

“When someone calls you and says ‘Hey, Elvira wants to marry someone…do you want to get married by Elvira at Knott’s Scarry Farm on the stage of her show’ and were like…well yeah!!” – Leeanna Vamp

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