Season 1,
88:18 MINS


February 20, 2017

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On PARAMERICAN RADIO PODCAST #006, we continue to get to know the co-hosts of the show, this time be digging into the fascinating life of Steve “Tinder” Zilberman, just before tackling the recent conspiracy theory that claims the liberal media IS NOT reporting cataclysmic events around the world simply because there is no solution to the devastation from climate change. The fellas also tackle The Mandella effect just before weighing in on recent mainstream events, such as Trump’s Muslim “Ban”, while Chad closes out the show with a review of THE SEVEN FIVE documentary, just before the team answers several awesome fan questions! All this and more on Episode #006 of PARAMERICAN RADIO!


Steve answering Chad’s question about his recent trip to Israel…

“The girl I had a thing for was in this group called Lions of Jordon that went on night missions to capture potential terrorists and arrest them and because her aim was so good she would be the first one that they put in the room so she could clear the area.” – Steve ‘Tinder’ Zilberman

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