Season 1,


February 23, 2017

On this special “PART 1” podcast of PARAMERICAN RADIO, we sat down with Constitutional Law and Criminal Defense Attorney Ilia Usharovich to discuss and gain a better understanding of the Steve Avery case, which is the focus of the Netflix Original Series “Making a Murderer”, in addition to delving into the details behind Kurt Cobain’s highly suspect “suicide”, as presented in the documentary “SOAKED IN BLEACH”, which claim that Courtney Love conspired to murder Cobain to further her career and take control of Cobain’s interest in the assets of Nirvana. And last but not least, we’ll learn how at the age of 18, with Usharovich’s legal assistance, our very own Steve “Tinder” Zilberman, who was falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, narrowly escaped a felony conviction that could have resulted in serious jail time at a maximum security prison.

Ilia Usharovich talking about being up for 2 days celebrating the Chinese new year in San Francisco before answering Steve’s call and coming to Santa Monica …

“I spent 2 days scaring off the ghosts and spirits and then I end up on a paranormal podcast.” – Ilia Usharovich

Guest Ilia Usharovich with Chad, Justin and Steven in the Paramerican Radio Studio

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