Season 1,


February 27, 2017

On PARAMERICAN RADIO #008, although Chad is just getting over the flu, Justin powers through the flu bug while being on air, as Steve Tinder Zilberman is in tip-top shape with a list of bizarre news to discuss from around the world. But before jumping into the latest in the world of the weird, Chad explains his disbelief in Bigfoot, while offering up the possibility of a “Yowie” hunt in Australia’s Blue Mountains, while also discussing the difficulty of believing paranormal tales if you’re not present. Shortly after, Justin and “Tinder” Steve discuss Steve’s terrifying ghost hunt of the Dillinger Escape Jail in Crown Point, IN, while releasing the footage on this episode for the first time. From there, the fellas discuss seven new earth-like planets recently found by Nasa, a hacker from Omaha that made his car autonomous for $700, the Queen of Sweden’s recent “haunted” claims that she made to the press, Kanye West becoming a college course and much much, including a movie review of what Calek calls his favorite documentary of all time. All this, and much, much more on PARAMERICAN RADIO Podcast Episode #8!

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