Season 1,


March 02, 2017

On this Podcast Episode of PARAMERICAN RADIO, Chad and Justin discuss their ultra-bizzare dinner with Karl and Yvette Fielding of Most Haunted, while Tinder Steve delivers the latest bizarre news from around the world, including two U.K. reality celebs who simultaneously claim to have be brutally raped by a ghost, the possibility of mind-control over the “millennial murderer” that poisoned Kim Jong-Nam, more of what Chad called “Bigfoot Bullshit”, and for those packing their bags for Hollywood in search of fame and fortune, Chad breaks down the actual percentages facing those who arrive in the City of Angels with the belief that they’re the “next big thing”, in which the actual mathematical probabilities are far more shocking than one could ever imagine. All this and MUCH MORE, including fan questions, in PARAMERICAN RADIO Podcast Episode #009!

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