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March 06, 2017

For the 10th official episode of the PARAMERICAN RADIO podcast, Chad Calek and Justin Holstein sit down with reality television pioneer David Burns of MTV’S “THE REAL WORLD: SEATTLE” and MTV’S “THE CHALLENGE”, in which Burns discusses how he became the star of Calek and Holstein’s first ever feature film, THE PRIVATE PUBLIC, which was also the only fictional film that Calek and Holstein have ever produced, as THE PRIVATE PUBLIC was a romantic comedy based on Calek and Holstein’s college years. In what is also the most revealing podcast to date when it comes to Calek’s history, Burns discusses how a chance meeting at a bar, followed by Calek tracking down and cold-calling Burns’ mother and high school father figure, led to Burns agreeing to take part in THE PRIVATE PUBLIC, despite the fact that Calek literally had nothing more than a script when he first approached Burns. What followed was a battle to not only make the film, but a battle by Calek and Holstein to literally survive. Without place to live or often food to eat, Burns not only attests to the power of Calek’s will to make THE PRIVATE PUBLIC at all costs, but Burns also learns a lot more than even he initially knew in this incredible “tell all” episode of PARAMERICAN RADIO.

And for fans of MTV’s THE REAL WORLD, you will learn to the truth about the birth of the “reality television” industry, while also learning the fascinating story as to how Burns, while attending The Virginia Military Institute, reluctantly became a cast member of THE REAL WORLD, without having ever having watched an episode of MTV’s top-rated series. And for those who watched Burns on the Seattle installment of THE REAL WORLD, for the first time ever on a podcast, Burns discusses his off, and then controversial “on-screen” relationship with Kira, the African American Executive Producer and Casting Director of THE REAL WORLD, which led to Burns becoming arguably the most controversial cast member in the history of THE REAL WORLD, as his real-life on screen multi-cutural relationship with the woman who cast him to be on THE REAL WORLD, made headlines on newsstands in gossip magazines across the world. At the same time, 1997, THE REAL WORLD: SEATTLE was shattering MTV viewership records with 20 million plus U.S. viewers per week, which rivals such primetime shows as The Voice and American Idol. But at the same time, Burns discusses the brutal dichotomy of having A-level fame while being paid less than minimum wage, with absolutely no royalties.
And last, but not least, Burns discusses the time he spent hanging out with real-life mobsters, his battles with the darker side of fame, the amount of women he was with during that time frame, how he nearly lost his life to septic shock and how it took hitting the bottom to make the decision to rise to the top, in which Burns met the woman that would become his wife, in which he’s now the proud father of two beautiful daughters. All of this and more, before Calek, Holstein and Burns jump down the rapid hole with Tinder Steve, in which the fellas discuss what is said to be an “Alien Selfie” that as posted on 4Chan, the true story of a Russian cop who attempted to create a “zombie army” and the footage of what is being called “Ghost Gate”, in which an unseen force pushes open a massively heavy metal parking gate.
In short… you DO NOT want to miss PARAMERICAN RADIO Podcast Episode with special guest David Burns!

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