Season 1,


March 24, 2017

On this 14th jam packed podcast episode of PARAMERICAN RADIO, Justin Holstein and Stevie “Tinder” Zilberman share with Chad Calek the details of their awkward night out at a Hollywood gay bar, in which Justin and Steve met the creator of medical marijuana, who also happens to believe he’s an alien. This hilarious conversation leads into a discussion in which Chad shares his fondest memories of working with one of his favorite paranormal investigators of all time, legendary UFO Hunters and Ancient Aliens star Bill Birnes. In addition to discussing the mind-blowing storytelling ability of Birnes, Calek discusses how working with Birnes actually exceeded his wildest expectations of what it must be like to spend time with the legendary UFOlogist.

Once the fellas finish their jaunt down memory lane, as always, Chad and Justin swan dive into the rabbit hole, only to finder Tinder Steve waiting for them with the latest bizarre, mysterious and unexplained news from around the world, including two mind-bending paranormal stories that recently surfaced in Brazil, which in the first report, a security guard at a Brazilian childcare center filmed some truly terrifying alleged “poltergeist activity” that you have to see to believe, while at the same time, the Brazilian President has now officially come forward to confirm recent reports that he moved out of Brazil’s version of The White House due to an immense amount of paranormal activity!

Also, find out how South African humpback whales left scientists and marine biologists completely baffled last week, just before Chad, Steve and Justin discuss the “morality” of creating the world’s first “three-parent baby”, which is currently being created through a brand new DNA splicing procedure.

Don’t miss all of this and more, including Chad’s movie review of a powerful new Alex Winter documentary about the Silk Road online drug store, just before the fellas wrap up PARAMERICAN RADIO Podcast Episode #14 with more fan questions!

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