Season 1,


April 01, 2017

On the 16th podcast episode of Paramerican Radio, Chad shares with Justin and “Tinder” Steve the terrifying footage of the 210 recent declassified videos of the “secret” nuclear bomb tests that the U.S. conducted in the upper atmosphere, on the ocean floor and within “fallout” range of populated U.S. cities between 1945 and 1962! And as always, Chad and Justin swan dive into the rabbit hole, only to find Steve waiting for them with the latest bizarre, mysterious and unexplained news from across the globe, including CERN scientists releasing a video in which they are conducting a Satanic sacrifice on the grounds of CERN, while a new company now offers pro-rated “friendship” for loners and Amazon announces they are developing “Space Prime” to supply lunar colonies with goods and services. All of this, plus current events, Chad’s movie review and more fan questions!

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