Season 1,


April 05, 2017

On the 17th podcast episode of Paramerican Radio, Chad Calek shared with Justin Holstein and Tinder Steve some recent U.F.O. activity along the California coastline that was seen by thousands who are now calling the object a “portal” over the Ocean! Shortly after, the fellas dive straight into the rabbit hole to discover and discuss a truly violent paranormal case in Chile in which a spirit is allegedly not only attacking a man living in his home, but anyone who enters his home, including a reporter who recently attempted to interview the man about his claims! The guys also share their thoughts on the recent discovery of a planet countless times larger that Jupiter which is now believed to be made of a metallic substance, as well as the announcement that a true “invisibility” suit will soon be manufactured. And last, but not least, Steve shares a new story about what Chad calls the “Sham-Wow” for oils spills, as the guys weigh in on the BP oil spill conspiracy, in which many living in the Gulf of Mexico claim that to this day, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has yet to be “capped”, while Chad wraps up the show by reviewing James Franco’s “WHY HIM?”, followed by more fan questions! Don’t miss all of this and MUCH MORE on Paramerican Radio Podcast Episode #17!

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