Season 1,


May 08, 2017

On PART 2 of our special 20th Episode of PARAMERICAN RADIO, Co-Hosts Chad Calek and Justin Holstein pick up with they left off on Part 1 with professional talent agent Rich Super of The Gersh Agency (Chad Calek’s Agent), in which Rich discusses his time working with some of his past clients, including Jim Carrey, Richard Pryor, U.K. Psychic Lisa Williams and an incredible personal experience Rich shared with one of his current clients, Theresa Caputo AKA The Long Island Medium. And just before the fellas take their commercial break, Deadliest Catch star Sig Hansen calls Richard back to say hello to Rich and Calek, as Rich represents Hansen, while Calek actually befriended Hansen six years ago, when Calek and Hansen met while both were on tour in Austin, TX. After the break, “Tinder” Steve Zilberman takes the guys on a tour of “the rabbit hole” with news that NASA is partitioning and selling off the world, while scientists have discovered a new way to lose weight by digitally manipulating sensors of the brian! All of this and much more on Part 2 of the PARAMERICAN RADIO Episode #20 with special guest Richard Super!!

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