Season 1,


December 11, 2017

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: On this 24th special CONSPIRACY episode of PARAMERICAN RADIO, per your request, Chad Calek, Justin Holstein and Tinder Steve Zilberman return to to the Water Gardens “PRADIO” HQ in Santa Monica, CA, in order to take a look at the new revelations came to light with the long-awaited release of the JFK files.

If you haven’t had to chance to study the released JFK files, you’ll be blown away by the truth surrounding the greatest conspiracy theory of our time, as the CIA’s JFK files finally reveale not only the identities of the “trigger men”, as well as two original cities in which the assassination was initially supposed to take place, but also the identity of individual who orchestrated the entire plan and how they accomplished it all in the light of day.

In addition, Chad leads a discussion on the countless unexplained events surrounding the Oct. 1st, 2017 mass shootings at the Route 91 concert in Las Vegas, NV, including reports of multiple shooters, proof of multiple attacks at multiple locations, the ISIS connections, the “Tropicana Mystery Man” footage and much more!

And as always, Tinder Steve takes the fellas down the rabbit hole to discuss the reported Alien battles that have reportedly taken place at Arizona’s Stardust Ranch, the recent info released by the CIA in regard to what was found on Bin Laden’s laptop, the future of BITCOIN and “cryptocurrency” and much more, including Chad’s thoughts on the alien implant documentary titled “Patient 17”.

Enjoy all of this and more on PARAMERICAN RADIO Episode #24!

– Chad, Justin and Tinder Steve

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