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PARAMERICAN RADIO EP #26: Flat Earth, Big Foot & Admiral Byrd

February 27, 2018

On PARAMERICAN RADIO EP #26, by popular demand, CHAD, JUSTIN and TINDER STEVE delve deep into what may be the most bizarre online movement of the last decade… the FLAT EARTH movement! But if it’s so bizarre, why is the movement growing at an astronomical rate! After studying the FLAT EARTH conspiracy in great detail, you may be shocked to know the reasons why so many have not only adopted the FLAT EARTH model as the true map of the universe, but also the center of their entire belief system. Is it possible that we’ve all been tricked about where we live and our place in the universe since Day 1, or is the creation and further development of the FLAT EARTH movement the most insane phenomenon to ever take place in the history of mankind.

Next up, guys offer their professional video and audio analysis of what is said to be the world’s first ever DEFINITIVE video evidence that PROVES the existence of BIGFOOT! As a staunch disbeliever in BIGFOOT, is this the piece of evidence that will FINALLY make CHAD a believer? You’ll have to watch to find out! And last, but not least, CHAD and TINDER STEVE have a blow-out argument “on air” about the ethics (or lack thereof) when it comes to internet piracy, only to come to some passionate conclusions on the opposite sides of the fence. We would LOVE to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback on this issue of internet piracy as well, so please feel free to leave your comments below!

And last, but not least, we’ll discuss Admiral Byrd’s OPERATION HIGHJUMP, the Antarctic Pyramids, the hacking renaissance of Russia and MUCH, MUCH MORE! So kick back, relax and enjoy EP #26 of PARAMERICAN RADIO!

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