Season 1,


February 03, 2017

The in-studio launch of the Paramerican Radio podcast!

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Heavyweight Hollywood Producer and “Dear Jack” Director Corey Moss joins Chad Calek and Justin Holstein on PARAMERICAN RADIO to discuss Moss and Calek’s 20-year friendship, including how Moss was able to book Calek’s college band to play the legendary Hilton Coliseum, how each other’s careers have consistently merged despite taking completely different paths, the importance of “throwing the rope back over the fence” once you experience success in Hollywood and the true story of a David Lynch-esque evening spent with legendary Director Robert Altman that you simply have to hear to believe! Moss, Justin and Calek also discuss the recent reports that ghost sightings are at 25-year high while reviewing the Chinese “Floating Sky City” footage and much more, including Calek’s honest review of “Dear Jack”, Corey Moss’s director debut documentary, which chronicles Something Corporate vocalist Andrew McMahon’s overwhelmingly emotional struggle to survive leukemia. You don’t want to miss this incredible podcast episode of PARAMERICAN RADIO!

Corey Moss on Columbia Pictures delayed release of “The Interview” promotional conspiracy and North Korean hacking allegations…

“Do I think it’s North Korea? Ya know, the idea of having a leader that is such an ego maniac that a film about him would drive him to do something like that sounds outrageous until we just recently elected one.”-Corey Moss

Show Notes
  • 1:35

    Chad & Justin open and Justin lost a million dollars

  • 03:50

    Intro Corey Moss and talk about Chad and Corey’s 20 year friendship

  • 17:37

    Chad & Corey tell story of meeting Robert Altman during making of “The Private Public”

  • 28:05

    Chad & Corey talk about the inception of Spielberg’s “Rising” project

  • 37:01

    Inside the industry told from Corey’s perspective

  • 42:48

    Commercial Break

  • 44:24

    Hacking conspiracies and Columbia Pictures delayed release of “The Interview”

  • 51:15

    Increased ghost sightings

  • 53:30

    City in the clouds being seen in China

  • 59:50

    Commercial Break

  • 62:03

    “Dear Jack” and other movie reviews and Show wrap up

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