Paramerican Radio Episode 1 with Craig Powell

Well it goes down as the first Paramerican Radio podcast in the record books and it couldn’t have been more suited that we did it in Sydney, Australia with our good friend Craig Powell.

We flew into Sydney December of 2016 and setup to screen Sir Noface to the sold out Aussie crowds over three separate screenings on December 1st and 2nd.  It went over fabulously to say the least and it was the first time we got to see audience reaction from the very location and people the film centers on…Sydney Australia.

After all the screenings were complete and we had our fill of seeing the sights, we met up with Craig at our Air B&B in Coogee (a vacation location a little outside of Sydney) and setup to do the first Paramerican Radio podcast.

We had gotten to know Craig pretty well from our various trips to Australia, but we got quite a bit closer after touring with Craig for a month on the 2016 Sir Noface national tour in the good ole USA, so we were all like old chums as we sat down and got into the discussion about the making of Sir Noface, touring and various other topics.

We would like to thank Craig, Nicky, Rocco, Diesel and the entire W.S.P.R. Team for all of their time and efforts for this trip and all the previous trips and adventures along the way.  You are some of the best people we’ve ever known and we are happy to call you all friends.  Between everything, I’d say we have enough memories to last a lifetime;)

Hope to be seeing you all soon!

Watch the video below to see an overview of the Sydney event screening of Sir Noface or click here go to the Paramerican Radio podcast page featuring Craig Powell.

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