Paramerican Radio Episode 2 with Corey Moss

Well it was bound to happen and it did…the Paramerican Radio studio was setup and our first, in-studio guest graced us with his presence.  Mr. Corey Moss stepped into our studios and onto the air waves (or podcast waves I guess;) of Paramerican Radio to shed some light on the insides of the entertainment industry and reveal some backstory on Chad through he and Chad’s 20 year long friendship.

Corey graduated from Chad and I’s alma mater, Iowa State University, where we all launched our careers in media and entertainment and Chad and Corey worked together at the news paper in the early days, the Iowa State Daily.

Corey and Chad reminisced about the old college days and Corey helping Chad’s band getting to share the stage with Motley Crue, the different paths each took and how they have crossed paths many times over the years.  They even shared an epic story of a David Lynch-esque evening spent with legendary Director Robert Altman that you simply have to hear to believe!

Corey, Chad and I also discuss the recent reports that ghost sightings are at 25-year high while reviewing the Chinese “Floating Sky City” footage and much more, including Chad’s honest review of “Dear Jack”, Corey Moss’s director debut documentary, which chronicles Something Corporate vocalist Andrew McMahon’s overwhelmingly emotional struggle to survive leukemia.

We were glad to get Corey into the studio for the first ever in-studio podcast and we hope it was as informative and entertaining for our audience to tune in as it was for us to record!

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