The Paramerican Radio Launch

Featured above is in-studio guest, friend and mentor of Steve ‘Tinder’ Zilberman and nationally known lawyer, Ilia Usharovich.

As I sit down to write this update, the first week of shooting and recording for Paramerican Radio is nearly complete!  There have been many long hours, blood, sweat and tears that have gone into getting everything ready to go for our audience (well…no tears yet, but I’m sure they will come;)

The first episodes have been a blast, and like anything, we’ve all been getting better and better as we start ‘finding the flow’ of the show, along with get a little more accustom to interacting on-air.

As far as our production schedule, Paramerican Radio will be releasing two new episodes every week.   You can listen to new episodes right on or by subscribing to itunes, youtube, stitcher, tunein radio and also our own rss feed.  We are also working on getting a Paramerican Radio app ready for download that can be used to listen to new episodes.

Most episodes will feature special, in-studio guests and the ones that do not, will be hosted by Chad, Justin with Steve ‘Tinder’ Zilberman filling in as the guest.

So strap yourself in and get ready!   We’ve got a lot of great guests on the horizon and we are working on plans to integrate our fan base into the future Paramerican Radio broadcast.

Thanks for your continued support!



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